Bye Bye Palm, Hello Android - Le début

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Ca y  est, je l'ai fait ... j'ai abandonné mon ancien Palm (Sony Clié N770C) pour le dernier cri technique un smartphone (mais pas haut de gamme) : l'Android HTC Legend.

C'est un appareil très sympa ... vous verrez ici que je pense de lui et comment je me débrouille avec ou pas !

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2 commentaires

#1 jeudi 23 septembre 2010 @ 22:59 Jules a dit :

Good stuff, carry on the good work !

#2 dimanche 27 février 2011 @ 09:47 Palm User a dit :

Good article. I have a Palm device and a HTC Legend. They are two very different devices. The Palm is a mature business tool and personal organiser. It is excellent at managing PIM data (calendar, tasks, notes) and email. With a built in keyboard it is easy and productive to use. Single keyboard key press and hold brings up an application, say tasks for instance, then just start typing to enter a task! You can't get anywhere near this ease of use on the Android! Also agree with your statement on the ease at which you can back up and restore the Palm giving you peace of mind.

The Legend on the other hand is poor for business. Just making phone calls is dreadfull. And it is all focussed on Google which is no good when your corporate server is Outlook. Whilst expensive software will let you access your corporate server (e.g. Touchdown) you'll never be able to access Outlook Notes!

Where the Legend does excel is in it's internet browsing capabilities, GPS (Google Maps), multimedia. So if you watch a lot of Youtube and video and like to browse a lot on the go and get lost a lot - then this is the device for you! For now I'll stick with the Palm as I watch my colleagues frenetically tapping and swyping their iPhones and Androids trying to find out where they should be and struggling to find the details of a contact to email a message then trying to "tap" type the message - I'm already there and I've sent my message :-) Another bonus is I'm still working while my colleagues are looking for somewhere to charge their phone after 4 hours use!

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