From Palm to Android - Migration Part II: Calendrier and pas de Taches

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La seconde partie de la migration de mes données depuis le Palm dans mon HTC Android a consisté à importer l'agenda du Palm dans Google Agenda.

Je n'ai pas migré la To Do List (liste de Taches) car je ne vois pas l'intérêt de conserver un historique de ceci. Je créerai directement de nouvelles taches.

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2 commentaires

#1 lundi 07 mars 2011 @ 16:53 The Computing Froggy a dit :

And another link from a former Palm user who went to iOS, but still needed to extract his calendar.

#2 vendredi 27 avril 2012 @ 20:08 Former Palm User a dit :

I share your frustration with finding a decent syncing system. I was a long-time (since 1994) palm user and couldn't face making the switch to a smartphone. I researched like crazy until I found this app called B-Folders. Although it didn’t have a calendar yet (I think that’s something they’re developing), I was able to just *import* all of my memos (over 1,200) and contacts from Palm desktop (no re-keying).

Their nested folder system works just like Palm's categories (only you can have an unlimited number of them and can combine Contacts, Memos, and Passwords all the in the same folder if you want). It's more versatile than Palm (it has this feature of "customizable cards" to keep all sorts of stuff).

I had been using an encrypted password program in addition to Palm before - now it's all in this B-Folders program which even auto-fills your passwords into the login pages you've stored.

Can you tell I really like it? :) And it's all "off the cloud" secure, just like Palm. And easy backups provide a great sense of security - especially when I’ve never had to use them! :)

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