From Palm to Android - Migration Part III: Memos/Notes

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Maintenant, il est temps de migrer les Mémos de Palm (des Notes).
Autant dire de suite la mauvaise nouvelle : je n'ai actuellement pas trouvé de solution satisfaisante.
J'utilise différentes applications selon les besoins ... et j'espère pouvoir avoir une solution unique ... un jour.

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3 commentaires

#1 vendredi 14 octobre 2011 @ 21:03 Alvin a dit :

Trying to convert my palm notes to nevernote and it's not working. Can I get a copy of your revised code?

#2 samedi 15 octobre 2011 @ 11:36 The Computing Froggy a dit :

@Alvin : The only thing to make Evernote Palm Importer to work is to quote the Private column. Use search and replace function from a text editor (a spreadsheet editor might work ... but you have to be sure how it will export to text file).
My change to the code was just to be able to add "Private" as a tag ... and I don't have the code at hand right now.
Whenever, I will get back to the computer where this code is (not before one week at least), I will publish it.

I hope you will manage to import your notes, it's well worth it.

#3 lundi 07 mai 2012 @ 05:30 martin a dit :

I already imported my palm memos into my Android cel.
But I also have lots of palm notes (drawings) in my Palm and cannot find how to import them to my cel.
I guess Evernote or Note Everything should be the app which will manage this kind of note because you can have handwriting notes on both. But I don't find how to export them from my Palm to my cel.
Anyone know how to do it?

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