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Here's my selection of WordPress Plugins.

Must Have

The main question is to use JetPack or not: till now, I haven't used it as the functions I need are covered by other plugins that I used before knowing JetPack. However, for a new site, I would consider the question.

Good (but can live without it)

Anti Spam

The following plugins might be used. I've also added an httpbl script to forbid IP adresses from honeypot.org black list.

  • Anti Spam: does a really good job (to remove spam comments) : I have no more spam comments.
  • Contact Form 7 Honeypot: same thing as the previous one but for contact forms (from Contact Form 7) !
  • Honeypot Comments:  exactly the same as Anti-Spam ... but not as good !
  • Akismet: is the anti-spam that comes by default with WordPress ... but I don't use it as you need to register to Akismet service.


  • Codestyling Localization: to manage localisation (web site traduction) with a multi-languages site.
  • Polylang: the best plugin to get WordPress with multiple languages.


And of course, my own plugin "Je suis Charlie" ribbon MC to display a  Je suis Charlie ribbon on your web site.



Happy WordPress !  wink


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