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Exceptionally, a post about Windows: how to create PDF files easily ... and legally.
Of course, Linux does that out of the box ... but that's another story

Use free and/or Open Source programs to create PDF files:

  • - The Open Source Office suite (i.e. MS-Office competitor) generates PDF files natively (i.e. there's nothing to add). It's a bit special as this solution won't work with other software (unlike the next solutions) but it generates better PDF: documents links (e.g. TOC) are translated ...
  • PDF Creator - My favourite software in this category (i.e. with the three next software), a fake printer will allow you to generate PDF files with any program. Do not install the extra toolbar.
  • Cute PDF - (free) a good program that does the job.
  • doPDF - (free) another fake printer generating PDF files.
  • PDF24 - (Open Source) An online service generating PDF from other files (e.g. Word files), it will send you an email. I don't really see the point, and I don't like to give away my email address to strangers.
    But they also do a fake printer solution like the three previous programs.

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