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My view about battery life for my HTC Legend.

The HTC Legend battery life is a bit sort for me: I keep recharging it.
Usually it won't last more than a day ! !
For instance: a couple of days ago, I went to an exhibition  all day. Before going I charged my device fully. I did not used much my HTC: only looking up the conferences I'd booked, and I answered 3 phone calls briefly (by chance out of the conferences). I never switched off the phone, but set it to silent mode.
At the end of the exhibition, I made a 20 min phone call.
When I got back home, my HTC Legend was completely dead: it had switched off.

It's really annoying for a phone to need to be charged every day ... minimum. If you use your Android applications, you will probably need to charge it even more than once a day ! !

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