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You want to add a slider to your WordPress web site ? Follow the guide !

There are many sliders / carrousels for WordPress some free some premium (you have to pay for it) that can be added to your site as a plugin.

 Right now, I have pointed out two:

  • MetaSlider : composed of 4 sliders (Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Coin Slider and Responsive Slides) ... I am testing it !
  • Soliloquy is often quoted as the best one : to be tested.

A few extra to be tested : Cyclone, Flex Slider 2, Layer Slider !

The one I have dismissed :

  • Len Slider : often quoted ... but after test not interesting at all. The UI does not fit a 1280x1024 screen (and there's no scroll bar), banners are resized to 500x200, and it does not seem to be responsive !

Slider Revolution is often quoted as best ... but is premium !Considering there's a good choice of free ones, I will stick to these.

To finish, 4 lists and a comparison:

7 Best free wordpress slider plugins : a list not really interesting.

7 Best free responsive image sliders wordpress plugins : Not the same as the previous one. The former three (Responsive Slider, Soliloquy, Flex Slider) are often quoted, the later four are only quoted in that article ! ? !

The best WordPress slider plugins by Elegant Theme: a detailed list (premium and free) with quite a few readers comments (quite oriented to the integration of themes proposed by Elegant Theme).

The best free responsive sliders plugins for wordpress : not much details on each slider but really good comments from readers.

Best wordpress slider : a thorough comparison between 3 sliders (Soliloquy, Nivo Slider, Meteor Slides) but seems quite oriented toward Soliloquy !


Happy comparison !  cool


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