Sharing folders between Windows / Ubuntu

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Sharing files between Windows and Ubuntu is often necessary : here's how to do it  !

7 Tutorials published  a well detailled tutorial on how to share files between a computer on Windows 7 (aka Seven) et Ubuntu.

For more information, you can read the Ubuntu-FR documentation (in French).

Sharing folders used to work fine between Ubuntu 7 and Ubuntu is now hit and miss. And I got the same troubles with a Windows XP workstation: I assume Micr$oft changed its protocol to force Windows XP workstation migration ... as these are not supported, they don't benefit from any updates.  The Ubuntu-FR documentation (in French) states there's a modification to be done in the registry on the Seven server to share files with Ubuntu machines ... however that did not work for me ! sad

In the end, I used a  NAS that was badly used in the company.


Happy sharing ! !  wink



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