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CodeIgniter is for me the PHP / MVC framework of choice but it is preferable to add an extra layer.

I've chosen CodeIgniter because it's easy to instal and set-up, it's light and it's well documented. However, it's missing some functions and in pacticulear logins and roles management (as most of applications needs an authentification).

Here are a few libraries to improve CodeIgniter :

only for logins management

Does more than login management: Administration, modules, database management and backups,  themes and emails sending ... There's a presentation on slideshare.

It's more a CMS easily editable than a framework.

Is a CMS but also a framework with a lots of extra functions: modules, data migration ...


For now, I've chosen Community-Auth as I don't need anything else than logins management. For another project, I will test Bonfire or even FuelCMS.


Happy coding ! ! wink


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