Hurrah for Evernote 2.0

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In my article about notes management on Android, I did not find an application that really satisfied me ... but now with the version 2.0 of Evernote : all is good ... well nearly ! !

The new version of Evernote is much quicker, has a better layout, and is more user friendly (sort by tags, notebooks, etc).

Moreover, all notes viewed and/or created from the Android will be stored also on the Android to be accessible off-line. My only gripe is that there's a possibility to define an off-line storage for a complete notebook, but only for Premium users.

Well, the possibility to modify an existing rich text is missing: one can only add to such a note, or change the note to no rich text and modify it ... I can live with that.

Anyway, Evernote made me an happy Android user ... at last ! ! wink

A few presentations links (with a good video):
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