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If you want to increase the reception of your antenna, here's how.

I've already explained how to build a directional antenna using a cylinder box, now we are going to improve an existing antenna.

Cut out in a cardboard paper the two shapes matching the images underneath (you may also glue 2 pages together to get something similar to cardboard).



At the back of the rectangle shape, glue an aluminum foil, and at the front clip on the rounded shape : the bumps of the rounded shape go into the slots of the rectangle shape. Pierce at the tow crosses to let the antenna through: you get the result showed underneath.

For more info (in French) and photos, read the post on forum !

In the post, it is noted to use wifi sistr, to measure signal quality: this is a Windows software.

On Ubuntu (and derivtives) to know signal quality, we used to type in:

$ sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | grep -E "Quality|Channel"

But now iwlist is deprecated and replaced by iw so we shall type in:

$ iw dev wlan0 scan | grep -E "Quality|Channel"


Happy wifi reception! ! wink

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