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The PowerToys (this set of tools to increase productivity on Windows) don't exist on Windows 7 and above ... officially, but here they are !

XP PowerToys

This set of tools was created for Windows XP and not maintained with further versions of Windows (7 and above).

We should be able to use the Windows XP PowerToys on other versions of Windows: they are just program and we can use Windows program on different Windows versions. But as they work close to the systems, some tools won't work with Windows versions above XP

Here they are on Major Geeks (you can not find them on Microsoft downloads as Windows XP has been decomissioned).

Windows 7 PowerToys

Command Prompt here

This one is easy to recreate, you only need to add two entries in the registry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Command Prompt Here"

@="cmd.exe /k cd %1"

You may also download the file commandPromptHere.reg !

Image size

  • Image Resizer - to resize images with a right clic from the the file manager: displays a dialog window ... which is a bit slow to display, for those in a hurry Shell tools  is much quicker, but Image Resizer allows you to choose any image size.
  • Shell tools -  quicker than Image Resizer but with less choices (requires ImageMagick). It adds a command Resize image to the right clic menu, that displays a sub menu with all the size available (and only these, but they can be redefined in the options). There's also a Copy path command to copy the file name and path to the clipboard. And also Copy size (if you press Up) to copy to the clipboard the file size.

Tweak UI

A Tweak UI tool for Windows 7 and above delivered by The Windows Club.


Personally the only tools I user are Command Prompt Here, Copy Path, et occasionally image resizing: Shell tools is all I need (with my little registry trick). I haven't look any further (even though some of the XP PowerToys should work on Seven).

Do not hesitate to post your test.


Happy PowerToys installation ! ! wink

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