Publishing a WordPress plugin

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You had published a plugin in the WordPress plugin directory and you have a new version to publish: here's how to do it.


  1. Code the plugin updates locally until you're happy with it
  2. Increment the "stable" tag in your readme.txt file to match the new version number
  3. Copy your local updates into the /trunk directory of the local plugin folder
  4. Commit the entire plugin to save the changes to /trunk to the repository
  5. Right click /trunk and create a new tag, copying into /tags/X.X.X where x.x.x is the same version in the "stable" tag of readme.txt (step 2)
  6. Commit the entire plugin to save the tag


There's a good set of step-by-step instructions earlier and another version of the same step-by-step guide with screenshots from Tortoise hosted on the author site.


Happy plugin publishing ! wink

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