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How to upload programs using Lubuntu.

On Ubuntu, Nautilus allows you to connect to FTP servers easily (that's integrated) and then one can browse the FTP server with Nautilus as the files were stored locally on the PC. This uses the Gnome-Fuse library.

With Lubuntu, this option does not exist by default with PCMan File Manager. But it's possible to get the same thing, by using curlftpfs. A post from mypapit blog explains how to do this: really simple (in a nutshell: install the package, and then mount the FTP source as a directory).
This uses FUSE too, so you will be able to open the files on the FTP server with any program too.

Alternatively, you may want to use real FTP programs, in particular to set up files permissions. On Ubuntu, I used FileZilla (which exists on other Os as well) and gFtp (really lightweight and quick). Of course, you can install both from packages.

Lastly, another solution for manipulating files on the FTP server, is to install the PHP application eXtplorer.


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