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Android memory size is limited, we are going to see how to manage it.

This post has been re-writen following recent "discoveries" about the native applications manager.

Often, after installing many applications, the Android device (nearly) does not have any available memory.
If we tap on the icon "Low available space" (or something like that, I have a French version) in the notification zone, we get a list which can  be sorted by applications name(not really useful unless we know which application we want to unistall), or by size (interesting) via the Menu .

One should note, it is often necessary to wait for the data to be loaded in the list (cf. the top right corner loading icon): the wait for load could be quite long (more than 10s). The menu option of sorting is a switch: it could be required to first sort by names to be able to sort by size afterwards.
On another note, it is possible to access this application from Home, we chose Menu ==> Parameters ==> Manage applications, we get a list that can be sorted (via the Menu).

Well, all of this is not really user friendly on Android 2.1 for the average Jo: let's hope, it's going to be better in the future versions.
At the moment, the best solution, is to install Astro (File Manager) which has a function Applications Manager. This allows to list them and to sort them at will (as well as backing them up, uninstalling, ...): hurrah for Astro ! ! !
(Of course, you may use other applications that can do this too -in case, how unlikely, you would not like Astro- e.g. Application Navigator)

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