Ma sélection de logiciels : presque tous sont des logiciels libres (donc gratuits). Cette page est une ébauche pour le moment et tout en Anglais ... mais pas trés dure à comprendre.

Tout le reste est en Anglais ... désolé ! Si vous voulez une traduction, contactez-moi !

Cross Operating System

These run at least on Linux and on Windows, most run on Mac as well.


  • Firefox: best browser for web developper ... and really good for users too (from Mozilla Fundation).
  • Thunderbird: best email reader, use Lightning extension to manage calendar as well (from Mozilla Fundation too).
  • LibreOffice: even better than Microsoft Office for some, at least as good and it generates OpenDocument and PDF, as well as Microsoft documents. It's a spin off (aka a fork) from OpenOffice.org (aka OOo).  That was managed by Sun, it's now Oracle and there was issues with the community so the Document Foundation created another version ... and now Oracle gave back OOo to the community via the Apache foundation (June, 1st 2011). It's all politics: all you care is LibreOffice rocks and it's even better than OpenOffice.


  • Gimp: modify photos and drawings.
  • Inkscape: vectorial drawings editor.
  • VLC: one of the best video viewer (originaly created by students of Ecole Centrale Paris).



  • Ubuntu fr: my distribution of choice, easy to install and use, everything ready to use (see Ubuntu posts).
  • Lubuntu fr: a light version of Ubuntu. It's fairly new so not everything is perfect ... still it's really good to revive old PCs (see Lubuntu posts).
  • Slitaz: a really light Linux distribution, not for everybody but really light and works well (cf. Mini Linux post).


See First section for more.


Generating PDF

Don't forget that OpenOffice.org (now Libre Office) generated PDF natively.

  • PDF Creator - My favourite software in this category (i.e. with the three next software), a fake printer will allow you to generate PDF files with any program. Do not install the extra toolbar.
  • Cute PDF - (free) a good program that does the job.
  • doPDF - (free) another fake printer generating PDF files.
  • PDF24 - (Open Source) An online service generating PDF from other files (e.g. Word files), it will send you an email. I don't really see the point, and I don't like to give away my email address to strangers.
    But they also do a fake printer solution like the three previous programs.